Saturday, October 16, 2010

baked apple crisp

since i recently went apple picking (more on that later) i've been looking for new apple recipes.

this simple recipe looked incredibly cute and yummy....

2 apples
lemon juice
strawberry jam or jelly
2 tbs flour
2 tbs butter, cold and crumbled
3 tbs brown sugar
1/2 c oats

cut apples down the equator. scoop out seeds and core, making a lil bowl. coat inner apple with lemon juice and arrange on baking sheet. drop a small amount of jelly in each apple. mix together all other ingredients and fill apples.
bake for 40 minutes @ 350.

happy fall!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

donde esta yessica?

are you surprised to see a blog post here? me too! what has caused this long pause in my blogging? ok, here i'll make you a list:

a new job.

this is really where it all began. i hope no one will be disappointed that you will no longer find funny flight attendant stories here.

now that i am not employed by that airline, i feel like i can finally breathe and come clean about that job....i absolutely loathed it. ahhh, what a relief to be honest with you all. i was there for 8 years and they weren't all bad, but the last few years were quite hellish.

God provided me the most amazing job at a wellness center just 4 miles from my house. i don't work weekends or holidays, i have breakfast and dinner with my husband, we get to go to weddings, parties  and take a nap on sunday afternoons together.
since retiring my uniform and landing lips on june 1st, its been nothing but blue skies and cherry pies.

a new addition.

avery ryan kutzner arrived last month. she is beautiful. and perfect. and smothered by all family members around... including her loving little brother.

the garden.

i can't say i spent as much time there as others, but i tried to get there at least for the picking.
and of course there was the canning, freezing and baking that followed. we even harvested almost 60 pounds of our own honey and by 'we' i of course mean
my dad.



we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary on september 13th, so i booked us a short trip to celebrate in ireland. we had a killer time and unfortunately caught the traveling bug again, making us anxious to get out of the country quickly.



it just gets busy...

like road trips with friends to lancaster...

your husband gets terribly sick, for a week straight...

going to visit friends & their beautiful boy in florida...

bike riding through DC & celebrating independence day...


all this to say- sorry. i will try harder. i promise...
...and that i hope your summer was swell too.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

to do list

i've been feeling a lack of creativity lately, but these projects have inspired me. i've collected these projects from various magazines and books. look fun don't they?

jersey headband.

stool made from old luggage.

tshirt necklace.

bird house made with a liscense plate.

wooden vase.

anyone else slacking on their to do list?!?

Monday, May 3, 2010

come & get your moonshine

this post is sooo overdue! a ways back, i made a recipe for peach brandy. the brandy was let sit in our basement for six months....that six months was up in february. opps.

well here is my update for how my brandy turned out.

here where it sat for six months in our cold and dark basement.

ready to try out some homeade liquor.

my test subjects.

overall it was a fun little expirement, but the taste wasn't anything super exciting. if i had bought some peach juice and mixed it with brandy, it would have probably tasted like the same thing. when peachs are ripe this summer i will scout out some more recipes to try.

ps. i still have 3/4 of the jar left so feel free to stop on by for sip.

Friday, April 23, 2010

name dropper

another question i get asked quite frequently is what famous people i have had on my flights... i can never give any exciting answers. i work for a low cost vacation airline, ain't no celebrities here.
on very rare and seldom occasions i have had run ins with people you might have actually heard of. let's begin...

1. while waiting in the crew line if customs in the newark airport, i noticed mr. busta rhymes aprroaching(nana, that's a famous rapper)  i was too nervous to say hello because i couldn't decide just how to address him: 'good day mr. rhymes!' 'what up busta bus?!?' alas i missed my chance and live to regret it.

2. because the singer pink grew up in a town close to me, i really enjoyed the behind the music show on her life growing up. i unfortunately became very familiar with what her family looked like from watching it so often. so when pink's mother was onboard, i made sure to tell her i hale from bucks county and am a big fan of her daughters (a slight  absolute exaggeration)

3. i've had two different cast mates from the real world. their names aren't even worth trying to remember. since i'm usually the youngest crewmember on board, so none of my friends even knew what the real world is.

4. about a month ago in cancun while waiting for the hotel van i walked past cheech. again with my keen celebrity eye, i happened to be the only one to notice him pushing his luggage cart and his much much younger girlfriend.

5. our company used to use the owners private jet to shuttle us around to different places when it was too expensive to buy us plane tickets. private jets have their own magical private airports as well. once while waitingin such airport, i saw miss patty labelle. she was adorable in a peach suit, and it made me love her (even though i know none of her songs)

6. about five years ago i was on a short vaca to cancun over spring break. while coming off the beach i saw another two forgettable real world girls. maybe if i had grouped them all in one category, they could  make up one legitimate celebrity?

7. the movie invincible is about a bartender from philly who tries out for the eagles and makes it as their quarterback. i had vince, the man the movie was based on and his family onboard about a year after the movie came out. he was a genuinely nice guy.

sooo you can see why i dread that question, my list is pretty pathetic. i'm sorry i can't fake this to be more interesting!